Work It! The game of working for money, and having money work for you! Work It! teaches a variety of ways to use and earn money. Maybe you’ll want to buy some cool new toys and electronics, see a movie, or even start saving for the future. 

Remember that being responsible can be tough; there are bills to pay, taxes, and the occasional sick day. 

It’s time to Work It! Now let’s make some money!

Because Work It! was created with Financial Literacy in mind, the game, just like real-world finances, has layers of complexity. That means that the cards in the game can be adjusted, added, and removed for ease-of-play with younger and older players alike. The instructions offer helpful tips on what cards players may want to remove for younger or less experienced players.

Work It! Contains 150 cards:

A Bank of 50 cards. Each with Cash on one side and 1 Worth It Point on the other. These are used to track of the two resources players earn throughout the game.The box contains 39 cards that are used Setup the game. This includes:

  • 4 Wallet cards
  • 4 Savings Goal cards
  • 4 Empty Storefront cards
  • 2 End of the Month! cards
  • 1 Final Month! card
  • 4 Wanna Do! starter cards
  • 20 Get It! List cards

There are also 61 Work It! deck cards that players will draw throughout the game. Each of these cards teach valuable lessons about how to use, lose, or earn money. 

In Work It! players each start with a 2 Cash, 2 Get It! List cards, a Wallet, and a Savings card. In the center of the play area is the Mall, the Bank, and the Work It! deck.

Setup for 4 Players

The Mall contains a number of stores matching the number of players. This will be where players can shop for items on their lists. The Bank is simply a stack of Cash cards. And the Work It! deck is where players draw from everytime they go to work.

On their turn, players will choose to Work or Shop.

Players who Work will draw from the Work It! deck, resolve that card. These cards can be anything from receiving a card with money in it, to having to pay their taxes. After resolving the card they draw 2 Cash from the Bank for a job well done. Players will choose to either put that money in their Savings or into their Wallet later for spending later. Players who Shop simply spend the Cash they’ve earned on items in the Mall to try to get all the items on their Get it! list 

The goal of the game: Have the most Worth It! Points (WIP) at the end of the game. Players earn Worth It! points by purchasing items from the mall, saving cash, paying bills, and getting all of the items on their Get It! List.

In the Work It! deck are 3 End of the Month cards. When each of these are drawn the players earn interest on saved Cash and all Coupons expire.

When the third End of the Month card is drawn the game ends and players tally up their Worth It! Points. The player with the most  Worth It! Points is the winner!

Tis the season for giving, but also for spending. We know how hard you work to earn, and how you want your children to appreciate the extra mile you go to make them happy. So while spending time with your family this holiday season, introduce a new tradition around financial wellness with Work It!. Our goal is to strengthen the financial understanding of your children, and to make it a fun activity that you can all do together.  Trust us, your kids will thank you for it later.

Sam Wils and Brian Meece: Co-creators of The WingaDoos

Work It! was created by the team behind WIngaDoos, an animated interactive story-series focused on building financial literacy for kids. Built with Emmy Award-winning creative talent and experts in early childhood education, WIngaDoos are changing the way young people learn about money. Learn more at:

Work It! is being developed by the same team that brought you WingaDoos, interactive financial literacy stories for families. Work It! even takes place in the WingaDoos world, but don’t worry; you don’t need to know who the WingaDoos are to play. 

All you need to know is it that the WingaDoos have one goal:

To strengthen the financial health of American families!

How does a card game help with this goal?

It’s a way to teach kids about money in a way that’s fun, they can understand, and they can relate to. In Work It! players’ cards are all visible all the time (except their secret shopping lists). This allows parents to interact with their kids creating conversations in the home around the important life topic of finances 

The Work It! card game was created by…

  • Sam Wils and Brian Meece – the brains behind Work It! and the WingaDoos.
  • Phil Schadt – Game creator and developer extraordinaire. Creator of Cheese Quest (successfully funded on Kickstarter).
  • Luke Muench – Game developer and play test coordinator. Luke’s insights into game mechanics helped balance and make Work It! what it is.
  • Tyler Bunch – More than 25 years of experience in children’s content development, including Sesame Street.
  • Harold Moss – Animator and illustrator of the amazing characters you see on the cards.

It was really fun! Our family enjoyed playing the game! Plus it lets kids comprehend what it means to save and spend.

The Bowden Family

It felt really natural to play the game while dealing with an important topic like money matters.

The Thomas Family

Being rewarded and having fun while saving instead of following the path of instant gratification was one of my favorite parts.

The Metla Family

We want to raise our girls as independent, and being in charge of money matters is part of that independence. Work IT! lets us reinforce that concept as a family.

The Bowden Family